Barcelona in August. Festa de Gracia.

Each year in August the streets of Gràcia district in Barcelona come alive with a week-long party. So If you are in Barcelona in August make sure that you head to Gràcia to see what this unique festival is all about.

What is it all about?

Gracia is a trendy laid-back, bohemian neighbourhood in Barcelona, full of bars and cafés. The concept of Gràcia festival is that streets compete to win the prize of being the best decorated street.

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Each street tends to take the competition seriously and the standards are high. They need to choose a theme and this can cover anything. From underwater sea life to Roman life. Walk through the streets of Gracia and you will be amazed by the colourful decoration above you. The creativity and originality that each street demonstrates is awesome!

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Throughout the week you will be able to find also concerts and shows taking place. So make sure that you don’t miss out! Check the official Festa de Gràcia website if your are planning to come to Barcelona in August.

Just for you to know, this is a free party that takes place right in the streets of the neighbourhood. It is completely open to the public so you won’t need to buy any tickets to be able to attend.
Finally, to get to Gràcia you can take the metro to Fontana. This metro stop is right at the heart of Gracia and from there you can start exploring.
My recommendations would be to visit also Gracia at night because the atmosphere will be quite different. Also come to Gracia during the first days of the festival, if you want to see the decorations in good order.

Barcelona in August by Pickapictour

Hope you enjoy my local recommendation on What to do in Barcelona in August and see you next time in Gracia. Have fun!

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