Get around in Barcelona. How to move in this city.

This time I’m going to explain you and suggest you which are the best ways I consider to get around in Barcelona. So I’m also adding the Barcelona metro map so that you can have an idea of areas and dimensions. Barcelona is the perfect size, so you will be able to get to almost all main attractions by public transport in Zone 1 or even walking if you feel like.

get around in barcelona pickapictour


1) I would like to start with the traditional Day Cards for tourists.

get around in barcelona pickapictour get around in barcelona pickapictour

Day Cards allow you to travel unlimited by public transport (bus, metro & train) for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days. 2 Days are 15€ per person and this allows you also to get from and to airport. (That’s important to consider). As I said before, check the map, because if you are a walking person, maybe you don’t need a card like that to get around in Barcelona.


2) If you are planning to buy the Hop on hop off Bus tour, it offers different routes. I’m adding that map too which includes the main attractions in town.


get around in barcelona pickapictour

Price is 27€ per person for 1 day or 30€ per person for 2 days. You can get also 10% discount here.

I think this is a good advice to check this map first and select the attractions you would like to visit. You can also check my video blog “FIRST TIME IN BARCELONA” to have an idea of how many days to spend in the city, what to see and how far the attractions are from each other. If you like sitting and sightseeing from a bus I think this is a good option. You will get to places that are really far away. But If you are more likely to walk and discovering neighbourhoods, little streets, restaurants, etc, then maybe you don’t need a touristic bus to get around in Barcelona.

3) So now we get to the local integrated cards “T-10”. This is what we use in town. I think this option is for people who are not going to use a lot the public transport.

get around in barcelona pickapictour

Just for you to know, the single ticket is 2,2€. This is a ticket valid for a single journey on a bus, metro or train. But the integrated one such us T10, costs €10.30, and allows you to share it, it’s a multi-person travel card valid for 10 journeys. So 10 journeys for 10€ almost 1€ per trip. That’s sounds interesting. Only, be aware it’s not valid for the airport.

Where to buy transport tickets?

Train and Metro stations machines & Tabacs shops around the city. On the bus you will only be able to buy a single ticket for 2,5€.

Where to buy the hop on and hop off bus tour?

In my office, come and meet me at Carrer de Montsió 10 “Rusc de Turisme” or through this link here


If you want to discover the real Barcelona with a local and get the best souvenir in town, join me here!

Get Around in Barcelona by Pickapictour


Hope this help you to get around in Barcelona! Please leave your comments below if you have any questions or any better idea 🙂

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