Best photoshoot tour in Barcelona

Time is through and you are finally coming to Barcelona! You may wonder what a local would recommend you – I guess this is why you are here – so let me just give you a brief introduction about myself and my photoshoot tours in Barcelona with PickaPictour.

I’m a photographer and I love Barcelona, this is the perfect combination if you want to discover Barcelona’s secret corners, hidden gems & best photogenic spots with a local. So not only will you learn about the city but you will also be able to get back home with the best souvenir you could get: “your photoshoot tour in Barcelona”.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time, second or even your third time in the city, I guarantee you will visit places you didn’t know, places you wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise.

Please, do not expect the boring, traditional, posing photoshoot, oh please, that is so old-fashion! You will be able to relax and forget about the camera. Hundred of technics in mind to get you as natural and candid as possible. If you think you are a bit shy, this is the ideal photoshoot in Barcelona. I don’t play magic either – just saying – but I promise you’ll have the most fun in town.

I personally made a so-carefully-designed-route through my favourite corners, where the light is amazing and where the pictures will be as if you were alone in Barcelona – believe me it’s not an easy task, specially with thousand of tourists around us – but I promise!

And to make this photoshoot experience in Barcelona, the most complete and perfect: Barcelona’s history and legends will be provided, so feel free to ask me anything!

So, if you are a solo traveller in Barcelona, a romantic couple looking for a photoshoot, if you are a bachelorette in a hen weekend in Barcelona or a family traveling with kids fed-up of coming back home from holidays without decent pictures of yourself, then forget about selfie sticks, forget about asking people to take a picture of you and try the most fun photographers in Barcelona here!


Are you ready to try this? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!



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